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So, What's All This Then?
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Saturday, April 8th, 2006

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Coffee-Shop Writer
I'm not a very good coffee-shop writer. Not that what I write isn't of the Highest Quality (you know it is), but I'm not one of those writers who spends his days as a fixture in a coffee shop, subsisting on toasted bagels and 50¢ coffee refills while tapping furiously away at a battered laptop. No, I only sit in coffee shops and write in the company of other writers.

Which I did today. And despite what you might think from reading the following, I had a very enjoyable time. You see, for a fair while, I had a rather stricken look on my face, judging by the amused reactions of my compatriots. The conversational topic that affected me (which I'm sure I've considered before, but today it seemed somehow much more real): Dr. Eldritch Fan Fiction. Particularly SlashFic.

In general, I have no problem with fan fiction. I'd be pleased to have a fan base that was excited enough about my work to write fanfic. I suppose any modern author of SF&F has to face the possibility that their characters will appear in fanfic saying and doing things that said author would never in a million, gajillion years have them say or do. But, with a nod to Oscar Wilde, it's better than not being talked about.

Still, I wonder what it will be like if/when I first read slashy Eldritch fanfic written by someone I've never met?

Current Mood: bemused

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