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So, What's All This Then?
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Monday, April 3rd, 2006

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Of Novels and Movies
I bought a copy of “The Movies” on eBay. I don't intend to play the “run a studio” game, I'm interested in the “sandbox” option, which allows the user to make 3D movies. It's not the high-resolution computer graphics of recent feature films. It's more like watching The Sims act out a script. I'm looking forward to seeing how versatile it is; I think it would be fun to make short films of my stories or screenplays.

This is a reward for finishing the first draft of my novel. Those of you who are keeping track are aware that I haven't completed the draft yet, so I'm not going to load the software until that's done. That should provide some additional motivation toward getting it written. I know, just finishing the draft should be incentive enough, but it's an extra carrot out there. And I do need to get it finished. There aren't that many more months until August....

Current Mood: creative

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