March 12th, 2006

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019


Posted some of oh_that_jocelyn's stuff on Craig's List. Pretty soon I'll go down to Oregon City and (I hope) the furniture items will sell and we'll be done with them.

I thought we'd be busy repacking dishes for L to take them back to Coos Bay, but the roads are icy between here and there, so oh_that_jocelyn's brother L volunteered to drive instead. He has a Real Job, so we'll just load up his truck and he'll drive back this afternoon. He's a Very Good Brother.

So aside from selling (I hope) the furniture, we won't have much we have to do except visit with C and T until it's time to go to celebrate the new place of Vana O'Brien and her husband M. But I figured I'd post this now, so in case the party goes until very late.

Yes, I'm feeling better today. Thanks!
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