March 10th, 2006

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

TGIF... E.

Busy day at work today. I know, you're thinking “Whoa! Busy?” But it was. And yesterday there were only two customers (who didn't buy anything) and three orders. Weird.

Yesterday it snowed, but today was rain and hail. And sunshine. A very mixed-up Portland weather day.

The Librarian invited sanguinity, grrlpup (who had to decline) and me over in the evening to celebrate “E” Fortnight. She made some Experiemental Eggplant, and we watched an Eddie Izzard concert video. Then we talked about writing and books and being a Hack, until about eleven. Then sanguinity and I got to scrape frost from our windshields so we could drive home. It was a perfect way to unwind after a busy work-week. Well, half of it was busy, anyway.
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