February 22nd, 2006

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Hmm, That’s Weird

At 6:09, my phone rang.  Before I could answer, it stopped.  I checked the caller ID.  Belmont Computers.  I’ve been waiting to hear when I’d get my new computer assembled, so I called them back.  They guy who answered asked my name, and put me on  hold.  When he came back (I assume it was the same guy; he didn’t identify himself), he said that they were waiting on a part, but they’d probably have it ready for me on Friday, and did that answer my question?  I pointed out that they had just tried to call me.  He claimed no knowledge of that.

So, I assume the Universe is messing with me.  Apparently it was important for me to find out my computer should be ready on Friday.

Today’s best accomplishment was writing Chapter 36 of my novel
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