February 20th, 2006

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Bad News, And Good News

The Bad News:  Mr. PC’s power supply did something tweaky and fried the motherboard.  Repairing him would cost a lot, and I’d still have no better than a 5-year-old, Win98SE computer.  In fact, technology has advanced so much that none of his parts are useful in a new machine. 

The Good News:  The hard drive seems fine, and I should be able to recover all my data!  The old parts can go to recycling efforts, so he’s not a complete waste.  All the peripherals are good, so they can be used on a new machine.  And the replacement machine will have a DVD-RW, double the hard drive space, four times the RAM and run much faster than Mr. PC, and costs $300 LESS than he did in 2001.  Amazing. 

I hadn’t been sitting around thinking “Hey, I wish I could spend a bunch of money on computer hardware!”, but it was less painful than it could have been. For that, I’m grateful.
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