February 12th, 2006

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I had to redo the files for tomorrow's upload of the comic, because my PC just stopped working.  No crash, no bang, no Blue Screen of Death.  The cursor stopped moving, and I figured I had just locked it up, and tried rebooting.  Which didn't do anything (by which I mean that the fan powers up, and possibly the hard drive, but the screen shows no activity). 

Fortunately, I have data backups from Feb 9th.  But I haven't mirrored the laptop completely, so there are settings and applications that aren't available to me.  The biggest headache has been trying to get ZoneAlarm (a firewall) installed and functioning.  It will install, but always gives me an "System Error - Please Reboot" message.  Yeah, that's not very helpful.  So, I spent a few hours working on that, and finally decided to quit for the night.

Tomorrow I'll take Mr. PC to Belmont Computers and see what they can do.  Perhaps they can revive him long enough to catch the bits that I don't have. 

And just interesting to note; I bought my PC on Feb 15th, 2001.
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