February 9th, 2006

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Ho Hum, Ho Hum; It's Here To Work I've Come....

Since there's been a pronounced lack of Magical Helper Elves showing up and doing my housework, much of Wednesday was spent tidying up in preparation for L's visit (that's my ex-mother-in-law, and yes, the abbreviation for that is XML). It wasn't so much that she was coming to visit me, but I was acting as a waystation between Coos Bay and and early-morning flight at PDX. Still, it gave me a good excuse to make my apartment more presentable. Things weren't at their best when I started feeling sick two weeks ago, and chores have been low on the priority list since. Not that I only have a neat home when guests come over, but it's a frequent motivator.

We had a very nice visit...Collapse )

So now I'm back at work...Collapse )

Tonight...Collapse )
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