January 25th, 2006

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There Really Should Be CSI: Camden, NJ.

I can admit this to you: I like the CSI shows. I do know that they depict a skewed view of a CSI's role; on TV they do a lot of what the Homicide detectives and civilian lab techs would actually do. And the lab results are miraculously fast, easily interpreted and accurate. And the characters explain things to each other about the science that any qualified CSI would already know. And the director's notes for David Caruso on CSI: Miami are always "Okay, for this scene, tilt your head to the side so it's almost horizontal, and be terse but sincere." I think the writing and character dynamics are best on the original CSI show; the Miami one is okay, and the New York one is getting by on the CSI franchise, kind of like Coke with Lime.

Am I done? Not Hardly! I go on about it behind this cut!...Collapse )
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