January 23rd, 2006

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After breakfast, went to visit B & Family. Toddler G indicated his approval by repeatedly throwing a ball at my face (to be fair, it was a very soft fabric ball, and once we explained that I'd rather not have it thrown at my head as it could inspire post-junior-high-dodgeball-stress flashbacks, he let me catch it by throwing it at my hands. Mostly). It was, as always, an enjoyable visit, although it was partly inspired by an agent rejecting B's memoir manuscript. The agent was very complimentary, and praised B and her writing, but still declined. Even though it has topical interest and a personal struggle for social acceptance, the agent didn't think it would sell enough because nobody in it is drug-addicted, incarcerated or suffers a grisly death. Pity, that.

Even though I'd "finished" my comics for the week, I couldn't help messing with them a bit, and changing the final panel for Wednesday's comic (Test Audience reaction was "We don't get it" and "Too much mayonnaise"). Then I tweaked Friday's comic, and finally put them away so I could focus on writing.

Even though I had written the horoscopes at Sunday's write-in, and was using an old letter for the column, it took forever to get the newsletter ready. Well, I had to post my journal entry about my own mortality, that took a while. And the sky was clear blue and sunny, so I had to go for a brisk walk. The air temperature was just slightly cool; my ears were chilled by the time I got home, but it was as good an Oregon January day as one could expect. So I had no choice, really. I did start in on the newsletter then, with only brief distractions in IM'ing Solar and a phone call from oh_that_jocelyn. And fortunately I remembered to take a DVD back to the library before closing, so I could pick up some other items on hold, but that only took a few minutes. So I finally finished, and now it's time to write a LiveJournal Post, then eat dinner.

Oh, look! The post is done! Mmmm, dinner!
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