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So, What's All This Then?
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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

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Bonjour, Buenos Dias, and Benvenuto!
Let's See, "BUNWCTL!"* Didn't quite take all day, but much of it. I spent four hours on my novel today, as I skipped my time yesterday, and managed to produce a satisfying Chapter 35. It felt really good to be working on the story again.

I emailed the nice people at Futile Effort Films, asking how things were going on the "Incubus" project. I haven't heard from them since October. I'm assuming that it's still In Development, but who knows?

The Big Excitement Of The Day was a package from oh_that_jocelyn! Do you think that I'm going to complain that the contents were intended to be Christmas presents, and we're now in the third week of January? Not me! Say what you will about the woman, but she knows how to do presents right. Inside the shipping box were two smaller boxes, both wrapped, two additional packets and a card. The card had a photo of a cat in a tiara; a cat which looks amazingly like her cat K. This led us to speculate that K had done a photo shoot on the sly and is secretly cashing the royalty checks when oh_that_jocelyn is at work. What she's spending the money on is a mystery. Perhaps she's saving up for a cruise.

She (oh_that_jocelyn, not K) sent me a cereal bowl and a pitcher, both of which she made under the tutelage of professional potters. Included with the bowl was a packet of cereal (so I'd have something to eat from the bowl), and the pitcher had packets of imported fancy instant coffees and cashew roca. She'd also burned a couple CDs, and included a bunch of amusing things to read. It was a great way to have the Holiday Season extended into the New Year.

*Breakfast, Uploaded Comic, Novel Writing, Walk, Comic, TV, LiveJournal!

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