January 17th, 2006

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Activity Codes

Here's what I've got going for my Activity Codes (I'll update the list when I add new ones, so you can always come back here and check)!

A - Advice Column Letter
B - Breakfast
C - Comic
D - Dr. Eldritch Newsletter
E - Exercise
H - Horoscopes
I - Internet
L - LiveJournal Post
M - Mail
N - Novel writing
P - Prepping Upload
S - Second Breakfast
T - TV
U - Upload Comic/Newsletter
W - Walk
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Man, I'm Tired

I'm thinking I need to come up with a set of codes for the different activities I do all the time, so instead of saying "Today I had breakfast, wrote horoscopes, wrote the advice column letter, went for a walk, assembled the newsletter, worked on the comic, prepped everything to upload tomorrow, wrote this LiveJournal post and those things pretty much took ALL DAY", maybe it will just be "BHAWNCPL - ALL DAY!" It's very efficient.

You'll notice that "Wrote Novel" didn't show up in that list (hmm, "N" is taken, I'll have to think about that). I'm not making an impressive start on my "Two Hours of Novel Writing Per Day" plan, but tomorrow's comic wasn't ready, and the newsletter's past due, I figured I'd take care of those first. I didn't expect it to all take so long. At least tomorrow once I upload everything ("U"), I can write all morning.

Maybe I'll use "D" for "Dr. Eldritch Newsletter," so "N" will be "Novel." Yeah, that's good.
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