December 22nd, 2005

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My Holiday Dinner

You may recall, I had Thanksgiving Dinner with leboyfriend, sanguinity and grrlpup, and the Solstice Celebration at holyhippie's. They were both great, but the drawback to having the holiday meals at someone else's house is not having a fridge full of Traditional Holiday Leftovers afterward. So I made myself a Holiday Dinner; turkey (not a whole turkey, just a 10-lb turkey breast), stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry gelatin salad, green salad, rolls, gravy (of course), and my specialty sweet-potato pie with vanilla ice cream. And it's no fun eating a dinner like that alone, so The Librarian* came over to share it with me.

It was indeed fun And I go on about it behind this cut...Collapse )
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