November 5th, 2005

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

It just SEEMS bad....

Wrote a long, rambling post about how sucky my life is being, but it boils down to these points:
  • Had a great visit with sanguinity yesterday, when she came to write at the bookstore and we spent most of the time chatting (okay, that was actually good, but is mitigated by the following points).
  • Slept very poorly last night, restless and uncomfortable, so have felt groggy and headachy all day.
  • Because of aforementioned grogginess, haven't written squat.
  • Grumpy because all the cool people have been fun all afternoon at kr8vkat's open house, while I'm working.

Today is my last day working at the bookstore, perhaps forever. We'll see what tomorrow brings....
hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Okay, It's Not So Bad...

As I was finishing the previous post, I heard the bells on the store door jingle behind me. I posted my entry, and turned around to see sanguinity and grrlpup! Wonderful People that they are, they had brought cake (actually Wonka purple-frosting cupcakes) and ice cream (actually coconut "sorbet") to help me celebrate my last day at Dragon's Head Books! Considering how many "going away" parties I've attended in the corporate world, this helped tremendously in making the transition from "employed" to "unemployed" seem much more real and festive.

I then zipped to the Post Office to fling packages on their way, and headed to kr8vkat's Open House. I arrived just as most of the remaining guests were leaving, so I had an unimpeded shot at all the party food. I chatted with Steinway and kr8vkat, and the other guest, J, for a while, and then got a solo tour of the house. It was good to visit, but I was tired and headed home, leaving them to enjoy the rest of their evening on their own.

So I've still got a bit of a headache, but I'm less annoyed with the Universe than I was a while ago. And for the record, my experience at the bookstore was really about the best one can have at a retail establishment. It doesn't take much reading of customerssuck to know that there are much, much worse jobs. At the bookstore, I rarely had to deal with more than a dozen people over the course of a seven-hour shift, and many days had less than three customers. Most customers were happy to be in a bookstore, and were almost all pleasant. I like to grumble about the minor annoyances, but I know that's all they really are.

Just so you know, and aren't thinking "What a whiner! He should try working where I work for a day!"