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So, What's All This Then?
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Monday, October 17th, 2005

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Acceptance! I AM SOMEBODY!
I wrote a short film titled "Incubus" and Futile Effort Films wants to produce it!

I submitted the script in response to a Craig's List ad, and last night I got the acceptance email. If I may quote:
"Incubus is a great screenplay. I received a dozen or so scripts from my ad on Craig's list but Incubus is by and far the best one. "
I meet with the producers this Thursday. As mentioned in writerspact, this isn't for money; my reward is screen credit and a copy of the finished product. But if you've ever produced a thirty-minute film, video, or stage play, you know how much work it is. To have my script produced without me having to make it happen, that counts for a lot!

And I'm realistic. I know there are myriad ways this thing could fall apart and never get finished, but so far, FEF seems like they know what they're doing and are anxious to get under way. I'll post more as it happens! [*happy dance!*]

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