October 9th, 2005

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Some Implied News, If You Haven't Heard...

I'm not big on Recreational Shopping, so when drarwenchicken called and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her, I wasn't terribly interested until she answered my obvious question* with "A Wedding Dress."** Of course for that, I said yes!

I know, it's not typical for the Brother Of The Bride to be the one who goes along on the Wedding Dress Hunt. But our mother and the future MIL live in California, and drawrwenchicken's female friends all had valid excuses (one has a child in the hospital; very little trumps that). So if she was asking me, I knew she was far down the list.

Dress shopping went very well. Since the big event is scheduled for May 2006, we're in the early reconnaissance stages. We mostly just checked out a couple Columbus Day Sales, but were open to finding the Perfect Dress. We didn't find it. We did gather some useful information, and wrapped up when the second shop closed.

So, I got two hours with my sister, and I'm pretty sure I'll be invited to the wedding. Time well spent, if you ask me....

* "Shopping for what?"
** Yes, she and J are getting married! You better talk to her if you want all the details, though.
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