September 9th, 2005

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Burning Man Pictures!

MONDAY - sanguinity, grrlpup and leboyfriend came over to share their photos from Burning Man, and some surplus travel food. The boxes of Indian sauces had authentic Burning Man playa dust on them! And they brought pudding. What better friends could one have?

The pictures are amazing. I love looking at photos anyway, but uncountable gallons of creativity and artistry go into the costumes, camps and art pieces for the event. I ran out of superlatives, and just kept muttering “Wow! Cool! Wow!!”

They also told me stories, some of which are posted on their respective journals. Check them out if you want a glimpse into this unique event.

I don’t much care for dry, dusty heat (yes, I grew up in Arizona; that’s how I know), but the stories and tales of Burning Man make me think that I might, someday, brave those conditions to actually see it for myself. I’ll take pudding.
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

And Another Thing....

During the Burning Man photo visit, I got to show off webcomic episodes #2 and #3 (which hadn’t been released to the rest of the world yet). When the page displayed, three heads leaned in together, eager to see what came next. Do you know how great that is?

Over my long and ambling career as a writer, I’ve written numerous works that my friends and family were willing to read when handed to them (in hindsight, I wonder how often they were just being polite? I probably don’t want to know). The “Kevan and Boont” stories were a milestone; people read them and then asked “Are there more?” They wanted more! That was pretty exciting, right there.

Then the Alaska Journal and the Dr. Eldritch Newsletter demonstrated that a small (but extremely high quality) group of people enjoyed my writings enough to receive them on a regular basis. Some have said that they look forward to reading them. And this brings us to the webcomic; people are eager to get the next bite!

This is heady stuff. Not only am I loving doing this (as I told the NaNo group last night, if I won the Lottery tomorrow and Never Had To Work Again, I would still produce this comic), but my audience is excited to be reading it! That’s like the big-name authors! If they have fans who anxiously await the release of their next work, and that’s what I have, then I could be a successful writer, too!

So when my friends happily giggled over my silly action-figure pictures, they were giving me a fabulous compliment. For which I am truly grateful!
hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

In Case You Were Wondering....

I'm trying to get caught up. I’ve been so focused on playing with action figures, that I’ve been falling behind on my LiveJournal posts. My apologies to everyone who has been desperate to know about the minutiae of my life.

For breakfast this morning I had banana waffles and a turkey sausage.
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