July 20th, 2005

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Occasionally I interrupt this non-stop parade of humorous tales of My Life and Other Things to mention something serious, and this is one of those times, because I think this is really cool:

After the recent bombings in London, the Vodafone Life Savers Awards has been receiving more attention for their national 'ICE' Awareness Campaign. The idea is simple: Put an entry in the phonebook of your mobile phone as ICE, with the phone number to the person you want to be called In Case of Emergency. In the event that you are in an emergency situation and unable to communicate, rescue workers can quickly identify who should be notified and the proper number to call.

This is currently a British campaign, but I think it should be adopted by the US and other countries. How many of us have a mobile phone, but don't carry obvious "Emergency Contact" information? I've double-entered mine, as "ICE" and "EMERGENCY CONTACT." While the odds of being in a such a critical situation are fairly small, the cost of one or two phonebook entries is negligible. And I think the benefits are well worth it.

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