June 29th, 2005

Famous Yet

I just got the Call....

Earlier today, I read in damnportlanders that the gallery at Backspace is celebrating their two-year anniversary by inviting 200 artists to display their work for July. On a whim, I signed up, submitting the link to two of my paintings and the following commentary:

Piece #1 - "Hurtful Words at the Cotillion" is first in a series of bio-emotional abstracts.
Piece #2 - "Incessant Yearning For Completion" is from a series of introspective geometrics.

I'm primarily a writer, but have been painting again to mitigate the creative process. As always, I feel artistic merit is best judged by the viewer that resonates with the art; those who see it with their soul see it best. Additional works may be seen at evannichols.com.

So I just got the call to bring my work for display! I admit, I had a moment where I thought "Oh, crap! They're going to figure out I'm a fraud!" But we all know that's not true, right?

The only tricky bit is that we're supposed to price our work with '2's, such as $22 or $22,222,222. I'm thinking if I go with the latter, I only need to sell one piece to be set for life. I'll have to think about this....

So, if you're not, like, doing anything next Thursday, check out the First Thursday thing! Head down to Backspace (115 NW 5th) and see my paintings!
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