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So, What's All This Then?
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Friday, March 18th, 2005

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Movie Review & Stuff....
For those of you who glean any amusement whatsoever from my Movie Reviews, I've just posted one for "About Schmidt." In case you wanted to know....

Went to a NaNo Gathering last night. As always, fun to see everyone! Of course, a third of the people on my Friends List were there, so most of you already know about it. I did find it interesting that all the new people (those who hadn't attended a NaNo PDX event previously, not new to being people (as far as I know)), sat at the end of the table where I was sitting. I guess I look harmless.

Well, I've spent the morning writing, with a few breaks for web-surfing and email. Now to figure out what green food item to bring to the Game Night. TGIF, huh?

Current Mood: exhausted

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