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So, What's All This Then?
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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

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Getting it Wrong in the Good Way...
A few weeks ago, J asked me to be the test subject for the Evaluation Contest at her Toastmasters club, the one that meets on Tuesdays at noon. I'd meant to start writing my speech before yesterday, so I'd have time to practice, but in the last twenty-four hours I managed to pull it together. So when I called her this morning to get directions, she was a little surprised. They don't need me until NEXT week! I have seven more days to hone and refine, transforming a a good speech into a slightly-better-than-good speech! (The Secret to Happiness is low expectations.)

The topic is Procrastination. How's that for irony?

Current Mood: relieved
Volcano Weather...
A great, sunny warm day, complete with volcanic eruption! About 5:30, I turned on Mr. TV, and the news is showing pictures of Mount St. Helens, spewing a huge cloud of steam and ash. The cool thing is: I can look out my window and there's the plume! It was big and puffy white against the blue sky, about 36,000 feet tall. It's politely drifting Northeast, so NOT toward Portland.

That looks like it for now. They shut the volcano down at night, so we'll see if anything more happens tomorrow.

Current Mood: excited

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