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So, What's All This Then?
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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

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The Weather and My Health...
Probably due to the abnormal February weather, the local trees recently began releasing their golden pollen into the warm air, allowing it to be carried along by the gentle breeze, hoping to land where it could serve its greatest ambition; to convince my immune system that it's under attack and must defend me with irritation and an outpouring of unpleasant bodily fluids. Okay, maybe it's not all about me. But I've repeated explained to my physiology that tree pollen is NOT a personal hazard, so we don't need to try to drown it. It's like the dogs that believe squirrels in the back yard pose an overwhelming danger to everyone in the house, so there must be barking! Continually! Wait, there's some more! What is it about squirrels?

So my friend Loratadine is visiting. That should help, but sometimes he brings his pal, the Side Effect Headache. We'll hope for the best....

Current Mood: tired
Happy Birthday, drarwenchicken!

Current Mood: Festive

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