September 13th, 2004

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HP Fanfic, By Request

I received this request from snottygrrl a while back. Before I could write it, I had to finally read "Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix" and see the film version of "Prisoner of Azkaban." So now I'm caught up with the canon. After reading HPATOOTP, I realized there was a scene with Snape and Harry that had to happen. As I'm not a regular reader of fanfic, there may be others who have also seen this need and done their own version. I suspect that Ms. Rowling will also address this, but it may not happen until Book 7. In any case, this is how I think it might go. Sorry, there's no sex, violence, nudity, criminal activity, car chases, profanity, hitting, explosions, gunfire, or depictions of drug use; it's just talking.

(And if you're thinking of pointing out that I didn't follow the rules exactly, remember that I am a Rebel Who Cannot Be Tamed.)

Character: Severus Snape
Title: Better Late Than Never
Line: "You don't say? The suspense is killing me....

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