September 3rd, 2004

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Our building is being reroofed this week. At least, that's what we were told. Aside from three huge drop boxes filling the complex's parking lot, I've seen no sign of them. For four days. Maybe they're using the "Think Method" of roofing, and it will all come together at the last moment (which gives me the idea, for some odd reason, of joining two musicals and making "The Sound of Music Man," where Howard Hill sells the Von Trapp family on becoming a marching band, but doesn't teach them to play, but it all works out and they march out of Germany at the end). I was actually happy that they were going to do the roofing this week, as I was working the whole time. If they postpone until next week, that may not be true. It was bad enough while they were roofing the building across the parking lot, but I'm pretty sure I won't enjoy the irregular "Whap! Whap! BANG!" right overhead.

To be fair, it's been quite rainy this week. Ironic, as July and August were mostly dry. I'll admit that as innocuous as Oregon drizzle tends to be, it seems a bad plan to peel off the roof while it's going on. Like taking the top down on a convertible after you've parked, or locking the barn doors after the horses have eaten the children (god help me, I love that line (It's from "Saturday the 14th," if you don't recognize it. A very silly movie.))
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