August 23rd, 2004

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Hey, I could do TV AGAIN!

Last night I went to the Portland Cable Media Producer's Orientation. I know, I've done that before, but it was long enough ago that I need to go again so I can take the classes on non-linear editing, so I can finish my reunion video. Of course, when I'm there I'm reminded how much FUN it is to produce a TV show. I want to do MORE! And my great idea is that I should do an Ask Dr. Eldritch Show! Wouldn't that be a kick? Have Dr. Eldritch do interviews, horoscopes, and take "calls" from people in extraordinary situations? It would be an amusing extension from the AskDrEldritch website, and may actually get some publicity for it. But mostly it would be a blast!

I'll have to start planning now, but that's okay. I want to take the studio class, the linear editing class, the non-linear editing class, and the video equipment class first, so I have full access to all the facilities. These are each a 12-hour class (weekly 3-hour sessions over four weeks!), and it will take a while to schedule and take them all. So I can start working on writing now, and by the time I've gotten all my certifications again, I could have a few show's worth of scripts! I know, do I really need ANOTHER project? At least this is in concert with my goal of getting my writings noticed and published. And it would be FUN!
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