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So, What's All This Then?
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Thursday, August 5th, 2004

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Too Cool For Words...
You've probably realized that I rarely put links into my journal. I know many blogs are almost entirely links to other sites, and that's fine, but I want this to be a destination, not merely a routing station. However, I've been so impressed by a particular site, that I just have to share! It's NASA's Picture of the Day, and there are just so many amazing photos, from huge galaxies to a tiny ball in space (only 1/10 of a millimeter in diameter, part of an experiment that indicates the Universe will expand forever!). I think many of the pictures are gorgeous enough to appreciate, even if you're not a Science fan. Anyway, it's one of the sites worth a daily visit.

Current Mood: enthralled
I Gave Blood Today!
I'm not one to tell people what to do. Even though I may have heartfelt opinions about how people should live their lives, I typically eschew TELLING people what they should or should not do. With that said, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to consider giving blood! Blood donations decrease during the summer, so supplies sometimes run low.

So gather some good Karma! (I can't GUARANTEE that it will improve your station in the Next Life, but it MIGHT. Kind of a "Pascal's Wager" thing. Go with it.)

Current Mood: pleased

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