June 4th, 2004

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Vermont Trip, May 21st - Day #2 - Woodstock

JQP worked today, so I had time to wander the streets of Woodstock on my own. It's quaint. Almost TOO quaint. From Kelley, the friendly postal employee at the Post Office, to the General Store, to the row of art galleries, cafés and shops, it's Cheerful Small Town, USA. I secretly looked for hints of satanic cults, reclusive psychos, and extraterrestrial infiltration, but saw NONE. Either they're very good at covering up, or it's exactly what it appears to be: A tiny community of decent people leading pleasant lives away from the big city. Weird.

It's a good thing I went walking about today, as we would later realize that it was the best weather of my entire trip. I got enough sun to have a hint of red around where my sunglasses were (giving that ever-popular, reverse-raccoon look). It doesn't take much; I am from Oregon, after all.
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