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So, What's All This Then?
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Friday, May 7th, 2004

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It's the little things that amuse me...
Yesterday, I picked up the phone to call "P", who is drarwenchicken's friend J's Significant Other, who by strange coincidence, has the same first name as the town I grew up in! It's spelled the same, but pronounced differently, not the way that rhymes with "biscuit". Anyway, I dialed, and heard a click, and then the beeping of a speed dialer. P had coincidentally picked up the phone in that brief moment between when it connected and before the phone got the signal to ring! It would have been an even better story if he'd been calling me to ask if I wanted to borrow his lawn mower, but he wasn't. Still, he said we could use it, which was very nice of him. Our lawn hasn't been mowed yet this year. We could just let it ripen a little and harvest. Still, we agreed to care for the lawn, so we'll mow it. Unless he has a combine harvester....

Current Mood: amused

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