April 26th, 2004

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Evan wins AGAIN!

I was browsing through eBay last week, and saw an item I was interested in. Starting at $15, it had no bids on it. I put it on my watch list, and checked it every so often. No bids. Days went by. No bids. This went on for a week.

The auction ended on Sunday at 7:42:50 pm PDT. Now, I could have bid at any time during the week, but I like to sneak up on it and pounce at the last second. I'm fierce that way; I learned it from the cats. So I was watching the final few minutes. No bids. At 7:42:43, I put in a proxy bid (starting at $15, but would automatically go as high as $27). At 7:42:45 (only TWO SECONDS later), someone else puts in a bid up to $17.55! The flurry of the auto-eBay-bidding is brief, but I end up on top at $18.05! I am VICTORIOUS!

I will probably never know who he is, but somewhere in this country there's one person saying "Hey, who was that? Where'd he come from!?!!". Well, I am Evan, and I am FIERCE!
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