March 12th, 2004

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Beach Weekend Entry #2

I intended to work on my novel for a couple hours before drarwenchicken woke up, but I barely had time for a game of Arachnid and some waffles before she appeared. We puttered about in the unhurried fashion of people on vacation, although the plan was to go out to breakfast. She announced she had a hankering (she's from Arizona, so she gets hankerings) for the Crab Benedict at the Wildflower Grill, like the time when we stayed in Lincoln City. This sounded good to me, and a quick glance at the map in a local guide confirmed that Lincoln City was indeed south. So we hit the highway with high spirits and a general sense that Lincoln City was "not too far."

I don't know how many times I've driven along Hwy 101, but it's a few dozen. Often enough so the little towns look familiar, but not often enough to have a strong grasp of the geography. I didn't look closely at the map, so I couldn't remember if our destination was north of Tillamook. Once we got to Tillamook, we knew it was not. We had to continue south.

We did note, however, the hand-lettered signs around Tillamook that read "Go Mooks!" We took it to be the a high-school-sports nickname. Now, "mook" is not a common word, but I'm told the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang defines it as "an ineffectual, foolish, or contemptible person." So cheering for the "Mooks" is like rooting for the "Losers." I suppose this reveals a very healthy attitude toward sports in Tillamook; they know they're going to lose, but everyone's okay with that. They're all just proud that their team is out there in their ineffectual, foolish way. Go Mooks! We love you happy losers!

After a while of southward travel, we wonder why we aren't seeing signs for Lincoln City. Finally, before we reach Hebo, we see a sign. Lincoln City is still 45 miles away. We've driven forty minutes, but we're almost an hour to our destination. Crap. Still, it's a fine day, with sun trying to break through the clouds, and what else have we got to do? So we press on.

After seventy miles and almost ninety minutes since we left the Sea Cliff, we reach the Wildflower Grill. The great disappointment is that they are no longer serving breakfast; we would have to have left an hour earlier for that. I did enjoy my Tortilla Soup and Turkey Sandwich, and drarwenchicken had a Crab Salad as big as her head, so it wasn't a total loss. The moral is; check the map CAREFULLY before you leave your house. And maybe take the map with you.

"So what do you want to do in Lincoln City?" Well, one can't go without checking to see if Safeway has their 2-For-1 Crab deal. They did not. So we got jello-with-fruit snack cups instead, and checked out the nearby bookstore. We picked up a book of essays by a local writer, sort of Oregon's answer to Garrison Keillor. Then a stop for life-giving coffee. With that, we'd run out of things to do in Lincoln City, so we headed back to Manzanita. drarwenchicken read to me from the book, and the time flew by. We did stop to look at a shop with blue glass items in the window, but they were not up to snuff. We arrived back at the safety of the Sea Cliff, almost five hours since we left for breakfast. What a great vacation day!
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Beach Weekend Entry #3

Manzanita has ONE Internet Café. They call it a "Café", but I saw no sign of any food whatsoever. It was six PCs in a small office space with wires everywhere. Even devoid of comestibles and charm, we were grateful. We'd spent a frustrating hour trying to log onto AOL using a calling card number. Apparently nobody in the world has tried this before, because it failed miserably. Even when we managed to get a line through, the computers "couldn't connect." I sense a conspiracy, forcing us to use the AOL 800 number. It technically cost less per hour than the Café, but it was at dial-up speeds. Like going to a cheap all-you-can-eat-in-an-hour diner, but they bring your food a spoonful at a time. You just end up cranky. No, going to high-speed Internet is like mating with a Software Consultant; once you've tried it, you'll never want to go back to what you had before.

It was then necessary to soak in the hot tub and watch the sunset. So we did. The colors weren't as vivid as the night before, but we were too relaxed to mind. After a tasty supper of chicken hot dogs and split-pea soup, we succumbed to the siren song of Television. We wanted to watch "Monk" (a show about a highly-competent detective with emotional problems), but its season ended last week, and they were showing the pilot for a new show, "Touching Evil" (a show about a highly-competent detective with emotional problems). Suspicious that it was just a rip-off of a better show, we planned on bailing if it was poorly done. Thank goodness it was actually pretty good, as in our post-hot-tub condition, we couldn't reach the remote to change channels if we wanted. So once again, I stayed up later than I planned (While on vacation? No way!). Even with our five-hour breakfast trip, it was another great day on holiday.
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