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So, What's All This Then?
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Tuesday, March 9th, 2004

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Dude Night!
Friday was Dude Night. The Dudes all went to Lewis & Clark, we all lived in Stewart. A few years ago we started getting together one Friday a month, and it became Dude Night. There have been nights when I've been exhausted and didn't feel like going, but afterward I'm always glad I went.

For us, it's a rather casual affair. We pick a pub, alternating East and West sides. We eat. We drink. We talk. Now, I'm sworn to secrecy to never reveal anything discussed at Dude Night, but we start with what's transpired for us since the last Dude Night. Then there's some griping about work, life partners, and the sad condition of the world. They tell me I should be dating more (as the only single guy, I'm supposed to provide an active vicarious social life). Sometimes we weave fabulous plans, like the Time-Share Mistress. Usually we end up gasping-for-breath laughing at something. I'll admit it; it's better than TV.

If you're not part of a group that meets regularly, I highly recommend it. But you'll have to find your own, unless you hung out with us in Stewart Dorm...

Current Mood: amused
Not the first, but certainly interesting...
Yesterday I wrote up the weekly AskDrEldritch column, which isn't news, but it was unusual. The letter was one I ACTUALLY RECEIVED! Yes, I used the letter practically verbatim (I did shift some sentences around for clarity), and it worked right well, if I do say so myself.

Current Mood: satisfied

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