March 4th, 2004

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The summer I was twelve, my father came home one day with a newspaper that had the largest headline I'd ever seen. Two words spanned then entire front page: NIXON RESIGNS. The droning Watergate hearings bored me completely, but I was aware it was important. At that age, I didn't know much about impeachment, but I knew this was a big moment. A once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Yesterday, another headline caught my attention: "County will license gay nuptials." It wasn't the huge typeface of the Nixon headline, but it's important, too. Apparently Multnomah County Board Chairwoman Diane Linn ordered the licensing office to begin issuing marriage license to same-sex couples after a legal opinion written by County Attorney Agnes Sowle stated that the county was in violation of the Oregon Constitution. The opinion states: "…Marriage is defined as 'a civil contract entered into in person by males at least 17 years of age and females at least 17 years of age.' The definition does not state specifically that the contract may only be entered into between partners of the opposite sex; it merely identifies the qualifications of those who may enter into the marriage contract."

In a way, this decision doesn't affect me very much. I play exclusively for the Hetero team, so if/when I marry again it will be with one or more women. I comment about it because it's a move for civil rights, like the bus boycott, school integration, and women's suffrage. Another step toward achieving the equal rights under the law that the Constitution promises. It's only right that San Francisco was the first west-coast location, but Multnomah County is the second! That's where I live! It's like a brush with History.

Once this momentous occasion is less solemn, I'll go on about how I think "nuptials" is a funny word (but doesn't "gay nuptials" sound like a hoot!?!), and that I should write the screenplay for "My Big Fat Gay Wedding." You know, later...
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Goin' to the chapel, and gonna get married...

More on Gay Nuptials! Beren & Jannine got MARRIED! Apparently they were on the news, local and national, being interviewed, but I missed it, since I rarely waste my time with local news shows (e.g. "Horrifying DANGERS lurk in YOUR home! Twenty-seven household products that WANT TO KILL YOU! Film at 11:00!"). Still, felicitations to them, and to everyone else who is marrying in Multnomah County! Woohoo!
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019


A personal milestone: I've got an auction on eBay! Item #3901648099, a Philmont Scout Ranch Staff Mug, if you're interested. Took a damn long time to get set up and on there; I may be too much of a perfectionist. If I'm going to do multiple auctions a week to supplement my meager income, I'll need to pick up the pace. Unless this mug sells for like $250.00, I'm going to make about fifty-three cents an hour. (One of the Amazing Success Stories of eBay is a beer can that sold for $12,000. I can hope!)

So, I'm exhausted, but it's a dry kind of tired. Maybe TV will help.
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