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So, What's All This Then?
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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004

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What is it about my hair?
I know I should be upset about the situation in Haiti and concerned about the presidential election, but I can't stop thinking about my hair. Does that make me shallow?

I've decided to grow my hair out. Not holyhippie long, like it used to be, but back to what it's been most of my life. Having my hair really short was great for being in Alaska. Talk about easy! Definitely a wash-and-wear hairstyle. I was nervous about cutting it myself (When I was four, I cut my hair with Playskool scissors. I meant well, but it looked liked I'd been gnawed by badgers. My mother was NOT pleased). Today I have better tools and hand-eye coordination. I did okay.

I'd been looking at some photos from holyhippie and Valkyrie's wedding, and I thought, "Damn, my hair looked good that way." My current short hairstyle is more manageable, conservative and even trendy than what I'm heading toward, but it doesn't look really good. Of course, I know about that whole "eye of the beholder" thing. I see people walking around wearing clothes and hair that appear to be styled by drunken blind gypsies (no disrespect intended to gypsies, of course), but you just know that they look in the mirror and think "Whoa! I'm hot!" And their friends are all dressed the same, so they don't laugh themselves silly. And I know I don't look bad with really short hair, but now that I'm jumping back into the dating pool, I don't want women asking "So, did you use Playskool scissors?"

It will not be an easy road. I'm going through the awkward stage where the hair on the sides is long enough to lie down, but the top still wants to stand straight up, like a faux-Mohawk. This is not a good look. I wear a hat. Once I make it past this stage, I'll be reacquainted with my long-time nemesis: Morning Hair. JQP named the two levels; regular strength was "Calvin Hair", after Calvin & Hobbes. When everything randomly arches, splays, twists, or droops as if my head just erupted, it's "Beethoven Hair." This is why I can't go to bed with someone on the first few dates; they see my hair in the morning. Sometimes I never hear from them again.

Anyway, once I get my hair grown out again, I can worry about what's going on in the news. Unless I decide to grow a beard.

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