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My Foray Into Political Activity

I haven't posted much for the last three days, because repeatedly saying "And then I took another load of stuff over to the apartment" wouldn't be so interesting, nor particularly humorous. If I can't be funny, I at least aim for interesting. So I respectfully submit this chapter:
Evan Attempts Involvement In The Political Process.

The problem with going to a luncheon is that I'm hungry on the way there. Normally this isn't a problem, but it torpedoed my foray into Involvement In The Political Process today. Back when JQP was here, one of her friends invited me to attend a luncheon for mayoral candidate Tom Potter (political figures don't get the comfortable anonymity of a code name in this journal!). I've toyed with the idea of being more involved in local politics, and this seemed a good way to begin. So I said I'd go, even knowing I'd be knee-deep in the move.

Problem #1 appears when I go to my nearly-empty closet to get dressed. I'd already moved almost all of my clothes over, but had specifically left one pair of nice khaki pants just for this purpose. Well, when I got them out, they had some odd marks on them. I suspect these came from when the upstairs shower was leaking, and a lovely plaster-and-water mix had dripped onto my clothes in the closet below. I thought I had found and washed all the unfortunate articles of clothing, but apparently I was wrong. I debated a trip to the apartment for another option, but decided on the preselected shirt and my jeans. Fortunately, this is Portland, and formal wear is a shirt with a collar, so I probably wouldn't be the worst-dressed attendee.

So I left behind schedule, but made good time over to Northwest, even along Burnside. Until I passed 405. Traffic slowed to a crawl. I'm inching along as the clock is inching toward noon. Finally I reach 21st, and realize that at least part of the problem is that it's down to one lane because the utility work is happening right where I'm going. Great. At least I finally make it to the parking lot below the drug store, which is my destination.

I sometimes wonder why anybody drives to Northwest, because all parking spaces are filled all the time. My guess is that people found parking spaces back in the late 80's, and haven't left them since. With a couple laps around the lower level yielding no empty space, I followed the signs that said there was more parking on the upper level. This did require going back onto the half-blocked 21st, Burnside, and then into the upper lot.

At this point I realize I'm shaking. I'd say it was 1/4 stress, 1/4 lack of sleep, 1/4 coffee (to compensate for the lack of sleep), and 67% plummeting blood sugar, because as you recall, I was hungry. So I was greatly relieved when I saw ONE empty space. I zip toward it with gleeful abandon, and it's a 30-minute spot. OXFORD! The rest of the lot is filled (this is lunchtime in Northwest Portland, after all), and the only route is back onto Burnside. I don't even CONSIDER a left turn, so I go right, away from my goal.

As I'm scanning the next few blocks, I realize I no longer care about the Political Process. In fact, I'm in no shape to be out in public. Even though all I need is some food and a couple minutes of not having to fight traffic, I'm past the point where the stress is worth the lunch. So I headed home. I'm disappointed, but I also hadn't found my copy of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" to take along. I was going to ask if Tom Potter would sign it; because I wouldn't want a mayor without a sense of humor.

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