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My friends say "Evan, fame has really changed you!" and I just laugh and have them flogged.

Now that NaNo is over, I have no excuse not to post more here in LJ. So here are some things I've been thinking about:

Still haven't gotten my medal for being wounded last year in the War on Christmas.

A new sign in the restroom reminds us all of the importance of handwashing. My quick glance at it makes it read as if we're entering the "Golden Flu Season." That sounds almost like an enjoyable illness.

I had a sudden urgent need to recall the names of the Powerpuff Girls. What is it with them, anyway? They're creepy.

Wednesday: Tried to see the 5:30 showing of Beowulf at the Lloyd Cinema with BA. Apparently, everybody in the world thought there was a 5:30 showing, except the Cinemas. We decided to bail, rather than wait until the next showing. When I tried to tell sanguinity that Beowulf symbolizes three rite-of-passage struggles commonly identified by eighth-century thinkers, she just laughed. I posted the essay I'd written here. You can read it and realize that I'm right.

While thinking about Angelina Jolie, it occurred to me that there's a generation of kids growing up with naked photos of their mothers readily available on Internet. How will that impact society?

I should be getting ready to go to the PDX NaNo TGIO, then my Company Christmas Holiday Party. See those of you who will be there, there!

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