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Wednesday PTRU

♦ 04:50 AM Woke up with thumping headache. Weather, or too much pie? (But it was Vegan!)
♦ 10:21 AM Got an email from a BHFT colleague, saying that one task I’d been working on had been obviated by an email someone sent two days ago. I wasn’t on the ‘cc’ list. That would have been good.
♦ 11:05 AM In a meeting. Headache not going away.
♦ 12:20 PM The warning signs below the ropes for the building’s window washers read “DANGER PEOPLE WORKING ABOVE.” It must be cool to be one of the Danger People.
♦ 02:12 PM While revising a specifications document for another team member, even though it was outside the scope of my task, I changed all of the occurrences of “replace ‘057’ by ‘013’” to “replace ‘057’ with ‘013’”. That seems the proper usage for the imperative. English Majors?
♦ 04:15 PM There are only two types of people in the world: Those who don’t get Dadaism, and spaghetti bathtub helmet.

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