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Spending My Daylight Saving on Hats

Usually I save my hour from Daylight Saving Time for later (well, I do still tend to use it in the first week, but my intentions are always good), but this year, I decided to use it right away. Here's how I spent it:

8 Mins – Sleeping In (who doesn't love sleeping in? That was great).
14 Mins – Lying In Bed Before Having To Get Up (I almost never do this, since I try to keep a very regular sleep schedule, and often this turns into "falling back to sleep").
7 Mins – Looking At Adorable Kittens and Puppies On The Internet (I know I come across as a rough and rugged "Man's Man" type, so many people are surprised that I like CuteOverload and ICanHasCheezburger, but I do).
1 Min – Thinking About World Peace.
13 Mins – Thinking About Tacos (hey, I got distracted. So sue me).
3 Mins – Checking To See If I Have Ingredients To Make Tacos.
10 Mins – Updating My Word Count at NaNoWriM.org (Damn, their site is slow!).
4 Mins – Writing This LJ Post (Yay, LJ!)

IMO, an hour well spent. :-)

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