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Moving -- Day 1, Part 1

The Move has started!  This morning, J (the one that is my college roommate, althought maybe I'll refer to him by his movie grip name, "Junior"), came over with a van from a production he's working on, and we made three trips.  The first almost filled the little storage unit in the basement, the second emptied my stuff from the Exercise Room*, and the third was just a drop-leaf table and a shelf unit from the office, neither of which would fit in my car.  By that time I was ready for a break and something to eat.  This process may span a week, so I'm going to pace myself.  If I'm too tired to do some more trips this afternoon, I'll watch TV to regain my strength...

*We call it the Exercise Room because the previous tenants had weights and a stationary bicycle in it, and we put what exercise equipment we had in it too.  Unfortunately, we also filled the rest of the room with the extra stuff we didn't know where else to put, so I don't think anyone ever really used it for exercise.  Kind of like the way we refer to Oregon Vehicle Titles as a "Pink Slip", although they're actually blue.

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