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Damn, what a week! A bunch of things happened, but all were eclipsed by drarwenchicken being sick. She's been ill since last Wednesday, and it's been Bad. I've been shopper and chauffeur, buying groceries (lots of fruit, since that's what will stay down), driving to doctor appointments, pharmacy, and such. Unfortunately, this is the weekend of the conference where she was to do a ninety-minute presentation! She made it to the practice session last weekend (I drove), but didn't get better after. By this Wednesday it was obvious she should not get on a plane. On Thursday, the doctor ordered her to stay in bed until Monday, at least.

The worst part has been watching her 1) struggle with not being able to present at the conference and 2) being sick day after day, not getting better, and I can't do ANYTHING to make her well! I suspect this experience isn't as bad as what parents go through when their children are ill, but it's hard enough. I offer what comfort I can, but she feels horrible, coughing near constantly. She just has to make it through. I'll do what I can, from the sidelines.

As you may imagine, I've been taking a battery of immune-system support supplements, trying to get lots of sleep, drinking plenty of fluids and thinking positive thoughts ("I AM well. I will STAY well!"). So far I've only had a whisper of a scratchy throat, but it hasn't developed farther than that. Maybe my bout with the Alaskan Flu has made me immune to this one. I hope so.

I believe she'll make a full recovery, and one day we'll look back on this event and say "Remember that time you were sick? That was Bad. Let's never do that again." Stay well, y'all...


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