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Watch My Latest Video... IF YOU DARE!!

I always forget just how much a pain in the ass video production actually is...

This started during an IM chat with sanguinity. I was going to log off and wash dishes, and she suggested I should make a video of it and post it on YouTube. That amused me, so I thought I'd try it. I encountered such fun things as:
  • My camera gets tired after 5Meg of video recording (about twenty seconds), and takes a break. This may be caused by low batteries, but it may not record more than that consecutively. (To be fair, it's primarily a still camera, which has some video capability.)

  • Low batteries. No new ones handy.

  • My camera doesn't record sound.

  • My camera saves video as .mov files, but Microsoft Movie Maker doesn't recognize those. It likes .wmv files, instead.

  • So I have to find a free download to convert the files. That takes a while.

  • Then I decide I want the soundtrack to be an instrumental version of "Born Free." I find a great (as in "tinny synth version") midi file. My browser wants to only play it in QuickTime. Sure, if I want to buy QuickTime PRO, I can save the file to my computer. I finally figure out how to set my browser so I can save to file automatically (without spending money).

  • Then I learn that Microsoft Movie Maker doesn't like midi files.

  • Search for freeware to convert midi to wav. Find a "Free To Try" app. Download and install. Try it. The app wants to 'record' the input file I wish to convert, and doesn't allow me to set the 'recording device' so I can do anything. Wrestle with it, then give up. Found generic wav file of different music instead.

  • The music isn't long enough, so I have to repeat sections of it. Movie Maker is not a good tool for precision edits. Wrestle with this for a while. Eventually, call it good enough.
So hours later, I still haven't gotten my dishes washed, and have made NO progress on the comic, but I do have a 43-second video of me washing dishes. So I guess I've done something for today.
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