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Musings On Cranberry Juice

I mentioned to DrArwenChicken yesterday that I was feeling discomfort in the same spot where I had the Kidney Stone Experience.  Granted, my lifestyle has migrated to where the heaviest thing I usually lift is the TV remote, and I've been hefting some heavy boxes lately, so it's likely to just be from cranky muscles.  Still, she was sympathetic, and offered some cranberry juice.  Have you ever had 100% cranberry juice (not "cocktail")?  Let's just say there's a REASON that what most people believe is cranberry juice is actually a mix of corn syrup with a little cranberry for flavor.  Pure cranberry is on par with a mouthful of unsweetened lemon.  The flavor wrestles your taste buds to the ground and sits on them while they squirm helplessly.  This wouldn't be so bad if the label didn't read "Our juice is delicious, smooth, and bursting with the taste of real fruit."  Bursting is right, but not in the way I think they intend.  I've diluted it with sparkling water and liberally sweetened it with stevia, and it's about tolerable.  I wouldn't use the word "delicious".  The good news, I guess, is that I haven't thought about my back for the last several minutes...
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