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Change of Seasons: Spring2Summer

I did such a great job with my tasks here at BHFT that it appears the final two weeks of this project will be very slow. Earlier this year I was like a Fireperson who had helped plant the forest, and was hanging around to see if anything burst into flames. Now, the forest has been shipped off to the buyer, and I'm hanging around waiting to see if any fires break out in the bare field of dirt. I've made a few inquiries about possible other projects here at the Client, but one can only do so much of that.

So on Wednesday, I stayed home. I've tried to not be cavalier about taking time off (I don't get paid vacation and I really like the money they give me for being here), but the level of chaos at home had been rising for a while, and it was getting to me. So it was a Day to Tidy Up; washing dishes, cleaning, laundry, etc.

This is not to say it was a day lacking in thrills. Like, cleaning the bathroom without eye protection!* I know what you're thinking: "Whoa! Xtreme!" And you'd be right, but it's that adrenaline rush that really makes me feel alive, you know? Plus, the bathroom gets clean. A win all around, I'd say.

While that, and the accompanying smug glow of accomplishment, were good, the best part of the day was going over to hang out on sanguinity's porch and drink beer**. I had envisioned a low-key affair, but it grew to include The Librarian, kr8vkat and her baby C_____, and of course, grrlpup. I'm glad it did; it had been a long time since that particular cluster of people had been together at once***. We didn't talk much about writing, but all sorts of other things, like weddings, sailing ships and babies.

Then The Librarian said she "had to go to Vancouver"****, and kr8vkat took C_____ home. I accepted the offer of dinner, and stayed for a few hours more. This gave us a chance to talk about more stuff and make the newly-styled L do tricks for treats. So, I didn't get as much done today as I thought I might (I never do), but I had a great time.

And it was a highly satisfying start to Summer.

* Yes, I use Earth-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products, but they're not without their dangers. I mean, if you accidentally got some in your eyes, they would really sting.

** Well, I alternated between iced tea and sparkling mineral water. But I brought beer, to celebrate her being on Summer Vacation.

*** Technically, this was the first time in C_____'s entire LIFE, so if you count him, we'd never all been together in the same place. That must be a major Life Theme for him right now, constantly thinking “Hey, I've never done this before!” And speaking of C____, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that he's Very Cute.

**** I'm not exactly sure what this is a euphemism for. I can't imagine she really meant she was going to Vancouver.
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