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Wherein I Kick Myself...

Damn, Sunday evening already? I'm just about ready to get stuff done...

I really can't complain; it was a very social weekend . Dude Night on Friday. Monday afternoon, picked up sanguinity at went to the Librarians' Job-Quitting Party at Laurelhurst Park. Both The Librarian and hhw had recently quit librarian positions, so we gathered to celebrate. It was fun, even with some intermittent, and even heavy, rain.* I took photos, many of which can be viewed here on Flickr.

From there, I went off to the home of R and maryrobinette for their Going Away Party. Well, it was billed as an opportunity to consume the contents of their wine cellar, since they weren't going to haul all those bottles across the country. I got to chat with Friends of Mary I'd met before, consumed an entire glass of wine (not a big contribution toward reducing the stock, but I do what I can), and got to meet Marlow.

One interesting tidbit: There were two other people who attended both parties, D and G. This wasn't completely surprising, as my Librarian Friends are also writers, but it's an amusing reminder of how small Portland can be.

So, people I like are leaving Portland. Neither The Librarian nor maryrobinette and R are selling their houses, and it's not like they're going away forever, but the change makes me a bit melancholy. Sure, with the Internet, no one is ever that far away. But while one can email or chat online, you can't get together and do stuff.

It feels a bit like when the Maki clan left. We all had very full, busy lives, and I don't exactly know when we would have fit more visits into our schedules, but I regret all the months when we could have, but we didn’t. Makes me feel like I wasn't paying attention, or my priorities were all hosed up.

I do know that I'll have forgotten about the list of things that didn't get done this weekend long before I forget about the time I spent visiting my friends who are leaving...

*Which was weird, because Rose Festival is over. Why is it still raining? It's SUMMER NOW!
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