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I Dreamt I Was A Social Butterfly...

Saturday was a Social Day.

After the most excellent visit with The Librarian and the Tall Ships, I headed up to north Portland to the Moving Sale of maryrobinette and her husband R (sadly, they're moving to New York City). Happily, I scored a great heavy-duty tripod and a 1:6th scale marionette, which will appear in the webcomic. I also took this picture, as evidence that R is real.* Unfortunately, they scheduled their sale on the day of the Grand Floral Parade, so it rained.**

Then back home, where I had a chance to chat with BILJ's parents before it was time to get ready to go to Dunx's Surprise 40th Birthday Party. Yes, he was surprised. And eventually, pleased (he looked rather shocked well into the party). Other than the Guest of Honor, I didn't know most of the people in attendance, but fortunately I had the always delightful, informative and entertaining company of grrlpup and sanguinity.

You're probably thinking that was a lot of socializing for Evan in one day, and you'd be right. But then I went to another party. My contact with maryrobinette earlier in the day scored me an invite to the housewarming party of Christina Crooks (who Loyal Readers may recall that I met last February). I'd corresponded via email briefly with her after the Writers' Luncheon (we discovered that we both lived in the East Bay at the same time in the 80's, and probably were in a movie theater at the same time), but after sending her a message revealing that I had a Wooden Cat, I didn't receive any more replies.*** I figured she'd written me off (no puns intended, so stop it), so I was happy to hear that she wanted to invite me to her party.

It was fun. I saw some of the writers from the Writers' Luncheon, met some others, and stayed far later than I expected. My only regret is that I only got to talk with maryrobinette only a little, and Christina even less (but she was being Hostess). Apparently Christina may not have even received my email, so I should find a time to talk with her when we're not at a large social gathering (because as you probably know, when I'm at a party with a bunch of people I don't know well, I tend to Wallflower), and go over this Wooden Cat thing face to face...

* I mean, I've known maryrobinette for a year and a half, and while she kept talking about her husband, I never saw him. So of course, I wondered if he was imaginary. Wouldn't you? So apparently he is real (unless this is just an actor pretending to be her husband). Anyway, he seemed to take it pretty well when I commented that he actually existed. He must be used to maryrobinette's odd friends.

**It always rains on Rose Festival, especially on the Grand Floral Parade. Supposedly one year they performed a ritual blood sacrifice (although everyone involves denies it) and it didn’t rain, but Portlanders were confused and frightened by a GFP without precipitation, so they never did that again.

***Telling people I have a wooden cat is a pretty good litmus test for whether we'll be friends. If they get a disturbed look and ask "Um, why?", it's fairly certain that we're just not going to connect. If they're amused or interested, then there's potential.

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