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No Wonder The Dow’s Dropping

This is the second day of lost productivity at BHFT. Tuesday it was all about the news that Paris Hilton had reported for her jail sentence a day early. Today it’s about rumors that she’s already been released. As you can imagine, it’s hard to know what’s actually going on. All we have are questions: Will she really only serve three days of her 45-day sentence? Did she have a nervous breakdown because she found incarceration to be “icky?” In a fight between Paris Hilton and a monkey, who would win?*

From what I’ve gathered, she found jail upsetting. So she’ll stay at home instead. What, having to stay in a mansion is punishment? Show of hands: How many of us would like to be sentenced to 45 days in a Hilton mansion? (Everybody? I thought so.) I suspect that after a few days she’ll say that having to stay home is upsetting, so they’ll put her on the Party-Release Program, where she has to return to her home at dawn to sleep, but be released at sunset to go party. (No, I’m kidding! She’s got to learn that if you break the Law, you’re grounded!)

I hope you were able to focus today. This is almost as bad as when Nick and Jessica split up.

*I’d put my money on the monkey.

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