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In Which I am Thwarted, Yet Again

Friday: I like it better when the Universe thwarts me via distraction by Fun Activities, e.g. last weekend. Movies! Dude Golf! Sushi! Friends! I didn’t complete many of the tasks on my List of Things To Do, but I was having too good a time to care.

Then there’s this week, wherein I hurt. The twinge in my lower back on Wednesday has grown into significant pain. I’ve already had two visits to the doctor, and expect two more next week (and I’m not sure whether everything’s back in place yet, either). Did I mention it really hurts? It does. In case you were wondering.

I assume that there’s something the Universe is dead set against me achieving this weekend; possibly attending Dude M’s shed-raising, or seeing if maryrobinette has any art supplies I can take off her hands. Most likely: Moving bins to the Storage Unit. Once again, that’s not going to happen. On the whole, I’d prefer a polite note:

“Dear Evan,
Do not move bins to your Storage Unit this weekend.
Best Regards,
–The Universe.”

Perhaps the message is that I should spend more time lying in bed and watching TV? Probably. Still, a note would be much clearer...

Saturday: Feeling better, after fifteen hours of lying down and a series of ice-packs. Still cautious. Will report more later, for those who are interested...

ETA: Was it my imagination, or was one of the pops down by my sacrum* earlier the sound of Mr. Disc clicking back into place? Perhaps the ice and lying down reduced the inflammation enough for everything to slip back to where it belonged, or yesterday's adjustment did that, and it just took this long for everything to stop being so cranky. Feeling significantly better. Still sore (I'm not up for volleyball, nor even a brisk walk yet), but walking around my apartment is happening without those warning twinges where my back says "Augh! What are you DOING?" (Getting in and out of bed in that state requires careful choreography to maximize support and minimize stress. It's probably amusing to watch, for those without empathy.) Perhaps I'll try working on the comic, as long as I only sit for short periods.

* This may sound like a naughty word, but it's not.
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