evannichols (evannichols) wrote,

Bears In The News

Anyway, while I hung out with sanguinity and grrlpup for a couple hours, we talked about all sorts of things, but most importantly; Bears In The News. Specifically, about the fact that a black bear was wandering around in a suburb of Vancouver, Washington (just across the river!), and some home videos taken by a family in Homer, Alaska, of a brown bear eating a moose it had just killed in their driveway. It’s getting harder and harder for the mainstream media to suppress the fact that BEARS WALK AMONG US! When I’m hiking, I’m constantly on the lookout for bears, but obviously, one should be alert at home! At work! At the mall! EVERYWHERE!

Handy Bear Identification Tips – Bears have:
• Four legs.
• Fur.

If you see any creature that matches this description, IT MIGHT BE A BEAR! * Remember, there’s safety in numbers, especially if the other people you’re with are older, weaker and/or slower than you. (Which is probably why sanguinity and grrlpup invite me to go hiking so often.)

* It’s true that not all animals that have four legs and fur are bears, but there are many other dangerous animals that fit this description as well, such as tigers, mountain lions, pika, marmots, and Gila Monsters.**

** Note: Technically, Gila Monsters do not have fur.
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