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Weekend Socializing

Another cluster of social events! Dude Night on Friday. Saturday, I went to Andy & Bax, and bought a BDU* outfit in black and grays to dye purplish-blue for a Dr. Eldritch costume. I showed them to sanguinity and grrlpup when we met at Sound Grounds, and they both wondered about the effects of dyeing them in the washing machine. While there is some Amusement Factor in turning the household’s clothes to mottled purple, I really prefer to avoid that. I’m sure drarwenchicken and BILJ would, as well.

Saturday Afternoon, The Librarian and I went to see kr8vkat, Steinway and their new baby, C (well, he just turned 11 weeks old, so he’s not totally new). It was supposedly Fussy Time, but C was asleep when we arrived. The Librarian hadn’t seen their new house, so I tagged along on the tour, admired the improvements made since I was last there, and we all had a long, rambling conversation about a bunch of stuff (a lot of what we talked about was C, but that’s pretty common when someone has a new baby). Every time I visit with kr8vkat and Steinway, I wonder why I don’t do it more often**.

Afterward, The Librarian and I went to the new Thai restaurant in “downtown” Milwaukie. The food was quite tasty, and the company excellent (every time I visit with The Librarian, I wonder why I don’t do it more often***). We talked about many things; comics and bears and her upcoming Adventure At Sea. The Librarian wrapped up the evening with a story about her home being Invaded By a Rat that had such a perfect mix of danger, excitement, squickiness and Practical How-To Advice, there was no way I could top it without blatantly making something up****. It was a splendid conclusion to a very social day.

* Battle Dress Uniform.

** Then I remember that they were newlyweds, then bought a new house, then had a baby, and that makes for a pretty full schedule.

*** I have no good reason for why I don't.

**** Not that I have a problem with that.
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