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As You May Realize, I'm Still Alive

Those of you who read my comic know that I’m still alive. While I've certainly had breaks in my LJ activity before, this time there's a rather clear reason. Work (aka Big Happy Fun Time) has been, well, work. You know how I had long stretches where my efforts were at the pace of a Governmental Employee?* Well, I did. All of a sudden that changed, and I've been going full-bore from the time I walk into the office until I leave at the end of the day. (I'm pretty good at not thinking about BHFT when I'm at home, but it still creeps into my thoughts now and then during my off-time.) Aside from expecting the intense effort to diminish next week, I've got no news, really. Or at least, nothing I'm awake enough to talk about....

*No offense intended; all the Governmental Employees I know personally are dedicated, hard-working individuals who wouldn't avoid looking out the window in the morning merely so they'd have something to do all afternoon.
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