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Two of my recent Library Borrowings have been the movie “Havoc” and season 1 of “Robot Chicken.”

Havoc: Anne Hathaway stars as a rich white Southern-Californian teenager with an unsatisfying home life, who hangs with a bunch of other rich white So-Cal teens as a gang, because they’re bored and can’t think of anything else to do. They get into trouble (okay, anybody surprised?). Perhaps people who also can be described by the set of adjectives in the first sentence of this paragraph would find this all fascinating, but I have little patience with rich kids whining about how difficult their empty and meaningless lives are. I think the sole reason for this movie was that Julie Andrews suggested that Anne Hathaway do a movie with nudity so she wouldn’t get typecast. I guess it’s a good career move, but for the viewer, not ninety minutes well spent.

Robot Chicken, Season 1: I don’t have Cable TV anymore, so I can’t watch Adult Swim, the cartoon show that has the Robot Chicken segments, but thanks to the magic of DVD releases, I can get it from the library. This show was recommended to me by several people because of my action-figure-based webcomic. If you’re not familiar, each 10-minute episode is a series of short stop-motion animation clips, separated by a burst of static like a channel change. Some bits are only a few seconds long (like the one with an anthropomorphic rock, sheet of paper and pair of scissors, where the scissors say “So, what exactly are we doing?”). There’s usually one four-to-five-minute segment that parodies some other movie or TV show.

I think the people who enjoy this show the most are those who really like: 1) Cartoon violence, and 2) Bodily-function humor. I found it entertaining enough; the mix includes some really sharp humor, and lots of reasonably-good stuff. I consider the bathroom humor a detriment, and am ambivalent on the violence, so I can’t give it a whole-hearted recommendation. But if this description sounds interesting to you, try watching one episode. If you don’t laugh, you’re not going to like any of the others. If you do laugh, keep going.

As a side note: I rarely listen to entire commentary tracks on DVDs, as most aren’t that interesting. But I did go through all twenty episodes and listen to the commentary for them. Just so you know...

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